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Web Design / Development

Business presence on the internet is one of the key factors in the success of companies. Be on the cutting edge of technology, with creativity, with MagicBrain!

Mobile APP

Mobile devices are an integral part of our lives and are always with us. Let your company keep track of your customers, and always present on mobile phone or a tablet!

Integrated Online Platforms

ERP, CRM, Product Stocks, in online or mobile application? We have the experience and technology to integrate existing applications with your online applications!

E-Mail / SMS / E-Marketing

The presence of your company in social networks, the contact with your customers, does not have to be a painful and expensive task. When using our E-Marketing applications, they have guaranteed results, with controlled costs! Check out our E-Marketing services at www.message4all.com

Dedicate Servers / Cloud / VPS

A good online presence requires a good technology infrastructure, stable, available, managed by professionals. For this, MagicBrain has created its Magic4Hosting brand, which manage your online infrastructure, with 99.99% uptime and a full-duplex 10G uplink! Go to www.magic4hosting.com

SaaS / IaaS

Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service. Can you imagine your company cutting down on hardware costs, software licenses, computer infrustructure support, but always with stability and technological availability.
Contact us and learn how you can rationalize your technological costs.

We Create Solutions

Octávio Filipe Pereira
CEO - MagicBrain

MagicBrain was founded in January 2000 and operates in the market as a service company, specialized and focused in:
. development of mobile applications;
. development of standalone software;
. development of online applications and websites;
. integration of online platforms, with existing software;
. implementation of maintenance of technological infrastructures;
. administration and security of systems and databases;

We offer the market a wide variety of solutions, services and strategies for solving technological problems in organizations, through in-depth analysis, design, development, integration and implementation of efficient, usable and interoperable solutions.

MagicBrain preferably uses Open Source technologies in the solutions, to be implemented to its Customers.

MagicBrain believes that solutions have to suit organizations and not organizations to adapt to technological solutions.

So our commitment is CREATE SOLUTIONS.

Our latest creative solutions


An unsolvable problem is an ill-placed problem.

- Ralph Emerson -


Dream team

Cleia Gomes

Chief Financial Officer

Salustiano Silva

Chief Technology officer

Carina Patricio

Chief Digital Officer

Pedro Jesus

Chief Support Officer

We work closely with a wide range of customers from different sectors around the world.

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MagicBrain - Commercial Department
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